11 ways to enhance your notebook battery life longer

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  1. Do ‘Defragment’ Regularly.Defragmentation speeds up your Hard disks thus reducing some extra burden on your notebook batteries.
  2. Dim your notebook display screen.You can turn down the brightness of your notebook’s display by using Function Keys[In most of the modern laptops].
  3. Don’t run a ‘virus scan’ unnecessarily when you are running on battery,virus scan does add extra load on the CPU so as on the batteries.
  4. Monitor your battery performance on a regular basis.
  5. Clean your battery Contacts:It’s always suggested to take out your battery once in two or three months and clean the metal contacts with cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.
  6. Choose ‘Hibernate’ over ‘Standby’.Although Standby mode does save some power but it’s nowhere near when compared to ‘Hibernate’ mode,so opt for ‘Hibernate’ instead of ‘Standby’.
  7. Turn off laptop display when you are away from it for shorter duration.You can make use of external software like m_off to do this for you.
  8. Maintain Charging-Discharging balance.Once you completely charge your battery,allow it to discharge at least once in a week.
  9. Turn off Bluetooth,IR & wireless radios when running on battery if you no longer need them.
  10. Don’t attach USB devices[if you don’t really need them] attached to your notebook when running on battery.USB devices like iPod if kept attached to your notebook[for charging],are sure to drain your battery quickly.
  11. Make wise use of the ‘Power Options’ available in the ‘Control Panel’ of your windows.
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