Alienware M15x Audio Probblems solved

This guide is based on a user which use this guide and worked:

When he tried to turn volume up, the volume will be going to down slowly? If you have same problem, you may have to follow below step instruction to solve the problem:
a. You have to uninstall Alienware Command Center
b. Uninstall OSD Utility
c. You have to reinstall Alienware Command Center and OSD Utility to your alienware notebook. You can get file from here and here
d. If this problem still appear, you may have to schedule check your C drive (Automatically fix error and recover bad sector on your hdd)
e. If the problem still occurs, you may have to shut down your computer, unplug your notebook, take out the battery for 10 or 15 seconds, after 15 seconds, plug your battery and plug AC power and turn on your notebook.

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