ProtectSmart Drive Not Supported HP dv5-1003nr/DV5-1104ax

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worked on Dv5-1104ax.

AMD driveguard program was located in C:\SWSetup\drivers/AHCI/Packages/drivers/SBDrv/SB7xx/AccFilter/LH/setup32

The path is C:\SWSetup\Drivers\AHCI\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\SB7xx\AccFilter\LH\setup32\setup.msi

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I bought a Dv5-1110em in the middle of December, 16.12 2008, and this problem existed from the first boot-up. It uses an AMD processor with a WD2500bevs 250Gb HDD and runs Vista 32bit SP1. After some considerable time spent in e-mails and phone calls to tech support I have finally got Protectsmart working. For those who might want to try it this is the route I took.

First download and install the latest Bios update from HP updates.

Un-install via control panel the Protectsmart hard drive protection.
Then remove any protectsmart folder still in the C: drive programs folder - I had two, both with different numbers of files!

Re-boot and then install the latest version of the ProtectSmart app sp39123

Go to the SWsetup folder in the C:drive. Follow the path :- drivers/AHCI/drivers/SBDrv/SB7xx/AccFilter/LH/setup 32

Inside there is a setup file AMD 12.0.058851 Run it. This offers to modify/repair/uninstall the AMD 3D driverguard. Choose repair.

Upon re-boot I found Protecsmart now enabled and working and no longer giving me 'drive not supported'

After all the hassle I have had over the past two months, un-installing/re-installing drivers etc, it came as some relief.

Whether this works with Intel machines or those running Vista 64bit I don't know, there may be a similar setup file that can be run, but in a situation like this anything is worth a try.


Additional notes:

64bit users, make sure you click on the "LH64A" folder instead the "LH" one.

DV5-1110ax AMD 320GB

Many thanks Bob works a treat!!

Remove SP39123
Remove all HP accelerator folders
Regclean if you have a cleaner
Install sp39123
Run setup.exe ( AMD driver Support 3D driver guard) 8/1/2008

Control panel / Protect smart- choose to be visible in tray or not

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