Fix ahcix64 file corrupted problems

This post is base on itapac crew comments after he failed 5 times to install windows XP using slipstreaming method and success after he knew the the problems make the process failed.

here is the original comments or you can read the original comments here.

Hye guys,

I'm using Compaq Presario CQ40-406au (AMD). I need to downgred my OS from Vista to XP and everybody in here really helping me. Thanks. I just want to share my problem so maybe next time if there is anybody else getting same problem as mine can solve it easily.

First time i create bootable XP using nlite it's failed. Error "...ahcix64 file corrupted..". My mistake here is selecting x64 from my sata driver. I'm suppose to select x86. But after i realize my mistake, i tried to create another bootable cd and selecting x86 but still the same error appeared. After wasting 5 of my dvd, i realize that i'm not suppose to use the same folder of win xp that i copied to my harddrive because nlite will copy and change all the setting effecting the original file of windows xp that i copied before.

Use the fresh file of winxp if u want to create another bootable cd. I already installed Xp in my compaq cq40-40au and i really want to share this with everybody. :)
The main thing i want to stress after read this comment is.

1. When slipstreaming - any guide you found on the internet will tell you to create a new folder to store the windows XP files, so when you slipstream and failed, you should create another folder, don't load any previous session, create a new folder and repeat the same method.

2. The most important is to know your windows XP bootable CD/DVD, either 32-bits or 64-bits.
If 32-bits use AHCIX86 and if 64-bit use AHCI64, both type of opereating system is different even both are windows XP. If you don't know if it is 32-bit or 64-bits you can find further information here:
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