Acer Extensa 4230 Windows XP Driver

The driver below is for windows XP and i suggest to istall using this order:
Chipset - vga -Audio -networks and proceeds with others, any questions related to this driver you may left you comments at the end of the post. You comment will be reply asap.

Sound Driver
Sound/Audio Realtek V5.0.1.5624 XP(WHQL)

There are 2 drivers for your webcam choose either one:
Camera Chicony V5.8.33.402 XP(WHQL)

Webcam Suyin V5.8.32.500 XP(WHQL)

Card Reader
Card Reader JMicro V1.00.11.02 Vistax32x64(WHQL)

Chipset Driver:
Chipset Intel v8.7.0.1007 vistax32x64XP(WHQL)

Fingerprint UpekV6.0.00.13Vistax32x64XP(WHQL)

IMSM Intel v8.0.0.1039 vistax32x64XP(WHQL)

Networks and wireless:
Based on your specs, you must choose one of the wireless driver below:
If you dont know which one i suggest try with atheros first, if it didn't work proceed with broadcom and last intel.
If you have atheros:
Wireless LAN Atherors V5.3.0.85 XP(WHQL)

If you have broadcom:
WLAN Broadcom V4.170.25.19 XP(WHQL)

If you have intel:
You are suggest to install windows installer 3,.0 before install intel wireless
WLAN Intel V12.0.0.73 XP(WHQL)

LAN Ethernet Broadcom V10.78.0.0 XP(WHQL)

Lauch manager:
LaunchManager V2.0.02 JALA0 Vistax32x64XP(WHQL)

Modem Liteon v7.70.0.52 XPx32(WHQL)

Modem Liteon v7.70.0.52 XPx64(WHQL)

TP Alps v7.0.1101.18 Vistax32x64XP(WHQL)

TP Synaptics v11.0.2 Vistax32x64XP(WHQL 0416)

Graphic Drivers
For intel Graphics:
VGA Graphics Intel v6.14.10.4950 XPx32(WHQL)

VGA Display Intel v6.14.10.4950 XPx64(WHQL)

For Nvdia Graphics:
VGA Video NV XPx32(WHQL)


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