Windows 7 Drivers For Compaq

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After microsoft released Windows 7, the things thats I have been thinking is the Dirver after the installation, something good about windows 7 is that i found the windows updates also search for the missing driver. I'd installed windows 7 in several laptop and found that most all of the driver installed automatically and if there are missing driver you can use the vista driver, I suggest that after the windows 7 installation finish, run automatic updates before the driver installation, many users said Vista is a failure becasue it consume large amount of RAM and often Hang with 1GB of RAM, also many application built for XP not compatible with Vista.
now i used windows 7 for my desktop, and sure love it, but have some problems to dual boot with XP and Linux (maybe we can call it triple boot =p), ill take my time to solve it, if you have any problems with windows 7, im willing to help, leave your comment

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