Toshiba Dynabook A1 Windows XP Drivers


Limitation when upgrade to windows XP.

It becomes impossible to output to the LCD screen and TV simultaneously after it upgrades to Windows XP.
As for this, the simultaneous display in the above-mentioned combination is generated in the display driver for Windows XP because it doesn't function.
The following display methods are possible.
Please push the [F5] key when switching with the [Fn] key pushed after a necessary display device is connected. The display device changes in the following order.

  • LCD(Display it only in an internal liquid crystal display. )
  • LCD/CRT(simultaneous display of internal liquid crystal display and CRT display)
  • CRT(Display it only in CRT display. )
  • TV(Display it only in the television.

Drivers and Utilities:

YAMAHA DS-XG WDM audio driver

NVIDIA GeForce2 Go display driver

Modem driver(3.1.98)

Toshiba Services:

Diagnosis Tools

Toshiba Power Saving Utilities

BIOS VER. 1.6x
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