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Create Windows XP Startup Disk for Compaq

A startup disk is a floppy disk that contains copies of the files that your computer needs to start. This disk is important if your system has problems that prevent it from starting.

Complete the following steps to create a Windows XP startup disk.

Normally Compaq Laptop does not have a floppy drive, you can use an external USB floppy drive.

Creating a startup disk

At this point make sure you already insert the floppy disk.

1.Click Start , and then click My Computer .

2.Right-click the floppy drive icon, and then click Format .

3.Click Create an MS-DOS startup disk .

4.Click Start , and then click OK .

5.At the Format Complete message, click OK .

6.Click Close .
The disk is ready to use to start the computer to a command prompt.

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