Installing Windows 7: Part 1


Ok, if you finish read part one i consider you already set the BIOS order to boot from CD/DVD. Here in part one it will cover boot from CD and customizing hard disk and partition for Windows 7 installation.

Installing Windows 7: Part 1

1. make sure the Windows 7 DVD already in your DVD Drives.

2. Start you PC/Notebook and wait until it prompt "PRES ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD/DVD..." (figure 2), now press any key (it will only wait about 5-6 second, if you have new laptop that have no operating system it will automatically boot from DVD).

(figure 2:images from:

3.Then this screen will appear.

just wait untill it finish loading files.

4. After that the screen (figure 3) will appear. Here just click next ( i recommend new user just left the setting default)

figure 3

5. After click next you will see the screen below (figure 4). Select Install Now

figure 4

6. Then select agree by checking the box. click next.

figure 5

7. When you arrive here (figure 6), you can select upgrade or costum:
     UPGRADE: recomend to those who already have VISTA installed.
     COSTUM : For other version such XP, 98, 2000, Me

here for both vista and XP i suggest custom for fresh installation

figure 6

8. After select custom installation select the partition you wish to install (select C drive recommended) and hit next and skip no 9 and 10.

If you have new HDD select advance driver option.

figure 7

9. For creating new partition only! select new.

figure 8

10. Choose the capacity for your new C drive then apply. (figure 9)
      (below recommended for end user, advance user=u know which better rite)
     40GB: set to 20GB for c(20000MB)
     80GB: set to 30GB for c
     160GB: set to 60GB for c(20000MB)
     250GB: set to 60-80GB for c(20000MB)
     others (for c normally min 50 and max 100)

  figure 9

11. Then click next, now just wait and let it finish the installation.

figure 10

 figure 11
at this point your PC/Notebook will restart, and you have to do nothing here.

continue part 2

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