Setting BIOS for Windows Installation


This post will show how to set up your bios to install any windows for your PC/Notebook. The purpose is to change the BIOS setting to boot from CD/DVD so after you restart your system your PC/DVD automatically detect the Windows CD/DVD you inserted in the CD/DVD ROM.

BIOS is differ from one model to another model, so here is some example.


image from:

when you start you laptop you will see the post screen, notice the picture above, Press F2 to Enter Setup, mean you have to press F2 to open BIOS. In other machine for example my desktop i have to press DEL(delete) to enter BIOS.

Ten a screen like picture below will appear:

Now, on top you should have a menu, or multiple menu, on the picture above show that only boot menu, just find the boot menu, in some other machine, it menu may differ such as BOOT CONFIGURATION , BOOT PRIORITY, and others, here just change the 1st boot is set to DVD-ROM, in the picture above notice that the DVD is in the third boot device label with [ATAPI: CD-ROM], change it to the 1st boot order.

Then press F10 to save and hit enter to save the configuration.
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