Install Windows XP in Compaq CQ60 Guide

To Install Windows XP On this model, It is base on you CQ60 chipset. For model with Nvidia chipset you can directly install windows XP in this model. For Intel and AMD model you need to perform slipstream method to install windows XP.

What is Slipstream method?
It is a method to create a custom bootable windows XP installation CD. This method is alternative for using floppy disk (which most laptop didn't have this device) to install windows XP.

Basically to install windows XP in most model which design for windows vista requires SATA driver. During Installation it will ask "Press F6 to install sata...." , so if you have floppy disk you can press F6 to install proper sata driver.So, there is another way to install without floppy is by integrate your sata driver into your windows XP installation disk.

What happen if install with no sata driver?
You will end up with the following error:
1. No Hard Disk Drive Found
2. BSOD (Blue Screen Error).

How to do it?
Simply refer to my guide here: Slipstream method to Install windows XP

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