Installing Conexant CX20468-31 AC97 Audio Driver in windows 7

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INSTALLING  Conexant CX20468-31 AC97 Audio Driver IN WINDOWS 7.

Before using using this guide below, i recommend you to try install this drivers first see if it works or not:

Conexant CX20468-31 AC97 Audio Driver and Audio Driver EQ
Download SP34789

and also this driver which i already modified:

SP30399 (mod)

If failed this guide may help you to install it.

There are 2 method to install:

1. Edit the drivers ID
2. Manually install the drivers via task manager

1. Edit the driver files

1. Download the

Conexant CX20468-31 AC97 Audio Driver and Audio Driver EQ
Download SP30399

2. right click and select run as administrator,

3. Then proceed the installation until the installation windows appear.

4. install it and ignore if its error, now we need to find our audio hardware ID first.

Follow Guide here to find your hardware ID, when you get it remember to paste the hardware ID in notepad (for further reference). The result should be like this, the ID is mine realtek audio and not conextant so your ID may differ from mine:

6. Now open c:\swsetup\sp30399

7. Now in the sp30399 folder find the qta3091.inf and open the files.

8. Now find the values i highlight in the picture below.

9. Then paste your hardware ID below the line %*WDM_AMCAUD.DeviceDesc%=WDM_AMCAUD,PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4370&SUBSYS_3091103C with your hardware ID  in STEP 4.

so the line may look like this:


The method above use the SP30399 which is XP drivers, you may also test with SP37489 using the same method.

2. Manual Installation

You need to download and install  SP34789
1.First open device manager by click start and select run type "devmgmt.msc" as shown in the pictures below.

 2. Then on the audio with yellow mark right click and select update driver.

 3. Then select browse my computer for the Driver software

4.Then select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

5. Then select have disk and select browse

6. Browse to SP34789 and select the Qta3091.inf.
7. Proceed with on screen instruction. Ignore if it complaint.

you may also try with SP30399 at step 5.

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