Dual Touchscreens Laptop - The "Acer Iconia"

As i read the news, normally i won't post any of them in this blog, since i create this blog for drivers only. Anyway here is something interesting I read today, the Dual Touchscreen Laptop by Acer named Acer Iconia.
Acer Iconia features two 14-inch screens: one is the man display while the second one acts as the touch keyboard. Both are designed to have 1366 x 768-pixel resolution. While Techtree state that  it supports 1280x800 pixel resolution. To avoid the screens scratched  both of them are protected by Acer’s Iconia Gorilla Glass technology.

Performance and SPECS.
It using the I5 processor which for good enough for performane and... 4GB DDR3 RAM / 640GB HDD. hows that sound?It  features Windows 7 as its operating system. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G.Its 4-cell battery however only provides up to 3 hours of use. You can also connect the Acer Iconia to HD TV using the HDMI port.

From myy point of view, the other advantage of having touchscreen keyboard is it overcome the problems using a cover for normal laptop keyboard (to prevent dust).
Annyway,I'm thinking to get one when it available at Malaysia, but maybe when second model comes out because as always - 1st model is test , 2nd model is improvement.
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