Review: Dell Precision M6600

Review: Dell Precision M6600This weekend seems to be the time of Dell as we have numerous reports about Dell’s upcoming products and leaks giving out brief details on them. Now we talk of Dell’s two more products that are likely to appear in the near future if the leaks are to be believed-the Precision M4600 and Precision M6600 mobile workstations.

Of course, the Two New Precision Series Laptops comes with a good set of excellent features. Many features have been released yet. In case you do not know about the new Dell Precision M4600 and Dell Precision M6600 battery, we will introduce their detail features in the following article.

Features of Dell Precision M6600 Laptop:
17.3-inch LED-backlit display with optional touchscreenProcessor: Intel Sandy Bridge Processor2GB GDDR5 AMD FirePro M8900 Graphics2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA Quadro 3000M2GB GDDR5Quadro 4000M graphics cardWhile the Dell Precision M4600 15.6-inch screen has a White-LED and RGB-LED LCD + Touch-Screen options option, NVIDIA Quadro 1000m 2GB GDDR5, Quadro 2000M 2GB GDDR5 and AMD FirePro M8900 2GB GDDR5, this graphics card. Stay tunes for the latest info about the full specifications of the Dell Precision M4600 and Precision M6600.

The Dell Precision M6600 AC Adapter will come with a 17.3-inch screen with LED backlight (optional touchscreen). M6600 laptop coming a choice between AMD FirePro 2 GB GDDR5 M8900, NVIDIA Quadro 3000M 2GB GDDR5 and Quadro 4000M 2 GB GDDR5 graphics card.

Dell is preparing to release the new Precision gaming laptop series, the Precision M6600. The new Dell Precision M6600 gaming notebook is based on the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processors and optional AMD or NVIDIA dual graphics chips, creating a wonderful of a portable gaming laptops.

Wondering if the the CPU and / or GPU on the Precision M4600 / M6600 are user upgradeable? Both in terms of is it physically possible and how does it affect warranty. If it voids the warranty, how likely is it that they can tell that it was upgraded if you swap the oringinal components back in before sending it in.

However, there is no more information about the price, the release date, and the availability of the Two New Precision Series Laptops. If you are interested in the Two New Precision Series Laptops, please pay more attention on our website. We will keep you update more information about it.

On the other hand, the Dell Precision M6600 charger features a 17.3 “display with touch screen and optional LED AMD FirePro M8900 2 GB GDDR5 or NVIDIA Quadro 3000M 2GB GDDR5 / Quadro 4000M 2 GB GDDR5 graphics.

The Dell Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations are designed for users who need super horsepower, superior design and usability, world-class scalable performance and certified-operation. More details on Dell’s mobile workstations will be available in the coming months.

Dell is reportedly working on two new mobile workstations namely the Precision M4600 and Precision M6600. Based on the informations we got, the M4600 will come with a 15.6-inch LED-backlit display with optional touchscreen capability and a choice of either AMD FirePro M5950 1GB GDDR5, NVIDIA Quadro 1000M 2GB GDDR5 or Quadro 2000M 2GB GDDR5 graphics card. Meanwhile, the Dell Precision M6600 battery will sport a bigger 17.3-inch LED-backlit display with the same optional touchscreen capability and have higher-end graphics options including AMD FirePro M8900 2GB GDDR5, NVIDIA Quadro 3000M 2GB GDDR5 and Quadro 4000M 2GB GDDR5. Pricing and release date are still unknown at the moment.

The Precision M4600 and M6600 are expected to have Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge processors. No word on pricing or availability.
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