ATI Radeon IGP 340M Windows 7 Driver

IGP 340M is also known as IGP340M/345M in Compaq and HP model, another term use by Compaq is ATI RS200M

Download the Driver:
1. Extract the driver. Remember where the extracted driver folder because we will it later.
2. Open device manager by click start and or the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC and press ENTER.
3. A device manager willl open.
4. Look at the Display Adapter, (expand it) you will see standard VGA listed.
5. Right click on it select update Driver.
6. Select 2nd option "Browse my computer for device driver"

7. Click browse button and browse to the driver folder we extracted earlier (tick the box include sub-folder)

8. Press Next and continue with on screen instruction.

For windows Vista I never test it yet but i believe you also can use the same mehod for win vista.
The Idea is to use your windows XP but, but instead of using direct install we use manual installation by update it from device manager.
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