Compaq Presario A900 Conextant Audio Windows XP Drivers (General guide)

So i have  to write this post especially for A900 series who have the problem to install audio drivers. So a brief and short intro. This model use Conextant audio drivers, there are many type of conextant audio devices such as conextant smart audio 221, coneextant ac link audio, and conextant venice, so this model tetsed work with conextant venice 5041 driver.

There are overall total of 103 model for A900 model starting with A900 CTO, A900ED .... etc so not all of them use the same conextant driver. Here i will list several driver at the END of this post. So first try with the driver i recommended. If not work repeat the whole installation process using the other driver in the end of the post.



First download and install MS-UAA:
Download (sp33867) size 53MB

The above MS-UAA tested work, but the size to download is big, so you may also use this driver (i didn't test it yet but it also contain the 888111 article for MS-UAA)

UAA drivers (Must be installed before installing the audio driver):
it strongly recomend to use win xp , or win xp sp2, but in case you use sp3;
MS-UAA for Windows XP SP3: Download (KB835221)

Restart after installation.


1. Download this driver:
Download (sp34386.exe)

2. Double click to run the installation, ignore if fail. The reason is to extract the driver file located at c:\SWsetup\SP34386

3. Open device manager by click start and select RUN. Type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.
(you can also press Windows button + R at the same time to open the RUN windows)

4. Then click "+" next to, Sound, video and game controllers to expand the list.

5. Right click on Conexant High Definition Audio with YELLOW mark or Audio with yellow mark. Select UPDATE DRIVER.

6. A Driver update windows will open. Select NO to connect and press NEXT.

7. Select 2nd option , ADVANCE - press NEXT.

8. Select Don't search i will choose the  driver to install.

9. select next - HAVE DISK.(uncheck the show compatible hardware button)

10. Select Browse, the point to C:\SWsetup\SP34386 and select the WIS30B5a.inf.

11. Click ok - next and continue with on screen instruction. Ignore if it complaints.



So for modem download this driver:
Donwload (SP34777)double click to run the installation. ignore if it fail.

repeat the process like the audio driver except for the step 5 and 10.

STEP 5: Right click on MODEM with YELLOW mark . Select UPDATE DRIVER.
STEP 10:Select Browse, the point to C:\SWsetup\SP34777 and select the inf file.



So as i mention earlier, this model use the following driver:
Conextant Venice High Definition Audio Device (5045)

I failed, you need to repeat the whole audio installation process (no need to install ms-uaa again) try with any of this driver:

Download (SP34200)
Download (SP40762)

report back which work and if still failed. Get me the hardware ID for your model and post in the comments section below. Also remember t add any details, error that you think is important to let me know. For those who try, report which driver work for you and what is your model.

Thanks for reading Compaq Presario A900 Conextant Audio Windows XP Drivers (General guide). Please share...!

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