ERROR CODE 43 General Solutions

ERROR CODE 43: Microsoft describe that this error happen because "One of the drivers controlling the device notified the operating system that the device failed in some manner. "
There are several way to solve this problem, and from my opinion this happen basically cause by the SOFTWARE or the HARDWARE. There is no specific reason why this happen, a mystery that cause us a headache to figure what cause this error.


Theoretically, from the solution we may guess what the causes, such as dusty hardware, electrical overcharge on the component, faulty hardware or corrupted Windows file. This may happen on both the external or Internal hardware which is based on USB type hardware, such as Pendrive (USB storage), Card reader, USB Mouse and Keyboard, Webcam etc and it can happen on all windows operating system.

-this post  for those who getting the ERROR CODE 43 Only!.


This solution is a compilation from my reading and experience, if you have a another solution, share it here, it will help others too.


- try to plug the USB in your friend computer, if does't work, try on another friend computer, if still doesn't work, get a new one.
- If there are drivers released by your manufacture for the device, download and reinstall it.
- Make sure you also try on other USB port available on your PC.

this step is to make sure the hardware is not faulty.


a) Reset the CMOS - (please make sure you know how to open your laptop or assisted by the manual or experienced friend) , take out the CMOS for 15 minutes (unplug power chord and battery) and put it back.

b) Power Reset - base on Darwin's step brother theory that they might be electrical overcharge on the Computer component including the USB port. Unplug the battery and Power chord. make sure there are no any electrical source connected with your computer. wait for 15 minute to plug it back and turn on your pc.


If yesterday or last week the USB port/Device work like charm, and today it does not work anymore. Perform system restore. If you need a guide on that, refer to my tutorial here.


Take out the RAM, HDD, WIFI CARD and CMOS. Clean it with DRY brush or blow some air to remove the dust. Make sure you also clean the USB port and Keyboard with the brush.

The solution above is the basic solution, below is the solution which i prefer the last step to take.


open device manager, right click on the device with yellow and select unistall, the restart and update the driver (automatically)


It kinda weird because there are users who manage to solve this by updating the BIOS. Download the latest BIOS from your manufacture site. Flash and turn on the PC. NOTE: FLASHING WRONG BIOS CAN DAMAGE YOUR PC, SO I STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR NEW USER TO SKIP THIS METHOD.


Well, this method maybe kinda lame but this is my favorite method  which is reinstall windows with or without formatting.


1. WINDOWS UPDATE : I don't know weather windows update can cause this, but if it happen after windows update,  just uninstall it from the control panel (start - control panel - uninstall program/add remove program). On the other hand, you can also search fixes from Microsoft by run automatic updates, select custom and search for human interface devices. Install it.

2. VIRUS: there are no reports which this error cause by the virus/spam etc. Unless the virus already conquered your OS for centuries, then no need think for the solution, just format and reinstall windows.

3. MICROSOT FIX: Still no details from microsoft, they just tell you to refer to the manufacture documentation.

Your feedback and suggestion are most welcome.
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