SATA Driver and Slipstreaming Guide

 NOTE: Link for sata drivers are dead,  I'm still working to fix it.
Update 1 : Link for nvidia sata fixed.
Update 2:  For intel User use this universal sata driver with guide: Download link

This guide will show you how to choose the right SATA driver to install Windows XP. . Also thanks to to other contributors especially Gustav Rock(CQ42) and Vanilla Blue (CQ40/CQ35/Acer).

1. Do this at your won risk.
2. You are recommended to make recovery first:
For windows Vista: Here
For Windows 7     : Here

1. STEP 1: Install CPU-Z (to Identify the right SATA Driver)
2. STEP 2: Identify Your Chipset
3. STEP 3: Choosing the SATA Diver and Slipstream Guide.

Note. For certain model such as ACER 4530 please check on your BIOS to enable AHCI mode from IDE mode. Sometimes there are model which do not need to use SATA driver.

STEP 1 : Install CPU-Z

1. First you need to install CPU-Z in order to identify the right SATA Driver For you Model.
2. You can Download CPU-Z here: Download page
3.  Then Install it by double click on it.
4. Continue till installation finish.
5. Start CPU-Z

STEP 2: Identify your Chipset

1. At this point you should have CPU-Z installed in your system.
2. You will see a shortcut on your desktop and double click to run it.
3. Then select mainboard panel and look at the chipset. There you will see AMD or INTEL or Nvidia.

4. This information we will use to determine the right sata Driver for slipstreaming process.
5. Take note for the Chipset and continue to STEP 3.
6. Go  to step 3 For:
  • intel chipset go to A
  • AMD chipset go to B
  • Nvidia chipset go to C
STEP 3: Choosing SATA Driver and Slipstreaming GUIDE.

1. HM65, HM67, UM67, QS67 or QM67
Download sata driver: Download

2. PM55, HM57, QM57 or QS57
Download sata driver: Download

3. HM55
Download sata driver: Download

4. GL40, GS40, GM45, GS45 or PM45
Download sata driver: Download

5. GL960, GML960, GM965 or PM965
Download sata driver: Download

6. 940GML, 943GML, 945GM, 945GMS, 945PM or 945GSE
Download sata driver: Download

7. NM10
Download sata driver: Download

Note: All the links above are dead, I still working to fix it, for now use this universal sata driver.
Download from intel: Link
Download Drivers only form mirror : Link

1. For ION or ION LE chipset (HP Mini 311 and Compaq Mini 311c series models)

2. other Nvidia chipsets
Download sata driver: Download

- no sata driver and slipstream needed

For any AMD model use the same sata driver (additinal sata driver link included in the DOC file.
Download sata driver: Download


 For Cq41 AMD base model if AMD sata AhCI above didnt work use this one:
Download AMD sata CQ41 (link dead will fix it later)
This sata upload by kiwielz which tested on his CQ41-110AU

For INTEL if you have problem with sata above u may try this sata:
SATA AHCI10 for intel base model:
Download  (link dead will fix it later)

Only some ACER model and other model beside COMPAQ/HP need to slipstream the sata Driver.


If the process failed and you want to repeat please delete all previous folder and start over again with new folder.
Gustav Rock(CQ42)  - blogger
Vanilla Blue (CQ40/CQ35/Acer) - computer and peripherals maintenance
Rakhmad and CherylG - especially for AMD model - HP support forum
Daniel Potyrala - Compiling the guide - HP support Forum
Amy - User - CQ35 (wasted 15CD and 10 DVD) -  thanks for the great effort
Users that send feedback on original slipstreaming guide here 
Others who email me, test it and send feedback

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