ATI Radeon HD 6470M Windows XP Driver

To install this driver you must install it via device manager.

First download this driver.

ATI Radeon HD 6470M :

Even the driver for windows 7, it also contain the driver for windows XP.

1. Download the driver, extract the files and remember where you extract it.
2. Open device manager by click start and select RUN, type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.
3. A device manager will open, right click on display adapter mark with yellow and select update driver.

NOTE: For certain model you will have 2 display adapter which is INTEL HD GRAPHIC and ATI Graphic. Make sure you install Intel first.

4. Then click no to connect,NEXT select ADVANCE, next select BROWSE.
5. Browse to the extracted driver earlier and browse through this foler
VGA_ATI_WIN7_32_WN7_64_z878300 \ Packages \ Drivers \ Display \ XP_INF 

6. If failed, repeat again from 1-4, but instead of browsing select don't search i will choose the driver to install, select HAVE DISK - BROWSE, and point to the

VGA_ATI_WIN7_32_WN7_64_z878300 \ Packages \ Drivers \ Display \ XP_INF

and select the inf file. Continue with on-screen instruction.
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