ATI Radeon X300 windows 7 Driver

For older laptop model especially Compaq X6000, dell 6000 and several others model, both manufacture and support site didn't provide the release for windows 7 driver. However there are several ways to install this graphic Driver in Windows 7.  Regardless 32-bit and 64-bit, normally base on my experience ATI never separate 32-bit and 64-bit coz all driver packaged with 32 and 64.

You have to read through this post and work around a little bit to get the driver installed,i can't exactly tell which method will work for which model, but this guide covers several method that i commonly use to install older unsupported graphic driver in windows 7.

1. Installing ATI Radeon X300 Using Windows Update.
2. Installing ATI Radeon X300 Using Ati modtools. - Driver heaven
3. Installing ATI Radeon X300 Using Compatibily Mode.
4. Installing ATI Radeon X300 for COMPAQ/HP Model. - editing code(modded)
5. Enable AERO in Windows 7. - Driver MAX report -successful installed the right drivers

1. Installing ATI Radeon X300 Using Windows Update.
-Click Start and type WINDOWS UPDATE in the search box. A windows update will open.
-Click SEARCH FOR UPDATES - after finish searching it will notify you the available updates.
-Download the updates (select for VGA/ATI Radeon only!) and install, restart after installation.
- After restart you should have ATI Mobility Radeon X300 installed in device manager.

2. Installing ATI Radeon X300 Using Ati modded tools. - Driver heaven
Just simply go to DRIVER HEAVEN SITE and follow the instruction carefully.
IMPORTANT: Many users didn't carefully read the instructions and do it careless resulting failure in installation. make sure you read through all the pages. When you understand follow step by step guide carefully.
What this tool will do is modify the current driver so that it compatible with your operating system and add more stability to the driver performance.

3. Installing ATI Radeon X300 Using Compatibily Mode.
For this method, will we twaek the compatibility using the original vista driver. If you use windows XP driver the percentage to success is lower than vista.
 - download your vista driver from you laptop manufacture or from ATI site.
-right click on the driver and select properties.
-Select compatibility and set it to 'windows vista'.
-apply and ok - close it. right click again and select run as admin.
-continue with the on-screen instruction. reboot when finish.

4. Installing ATI Radeon X300 for COMPAQ/HP Model. - editing code(modded)
Compatible with x600 and x300

Install this driver:  Download

-Download this driver :

-extract the driver using WINRAR. or you can run it, resulting in error, ignore it cause it will create a folder C:\SWsetup\sp33644. We will use this driver later.
-Open device manager by click start and type DEVMGMT.MSC and press ENTER.
- A device manager will open, under tha Graphic adapter when you expand it you will see standard VGA listted.
-Right click on standard VGA and select update driver. Select browse my computer for drive software.
-Select Don't search i will choose the driver to install. Select have disk and pointed to the extracted driver earlier.
-Then go to driver folder, 2kXP_inf Folder and select C2_35160.inf. Continue with on screen instruction and reboot.

5. Enable AERO in Windows 7.
Finally we want to enable AERO in windows 7. 

NOTE: Method that reported work
- Installing driver max and search for latest driver - aero enable and no report did say it didn't work.
-Using vista driver, install using comaptibility mode and run as admin.

Feedback needed, what is your model and which method work..

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