Nvidia GT 540M Windows XP Driver

 This post is for tutorial purpose especially to work Nvidia GT 540M and GT 520M on Acer 4750.
There are no official release for the drivers, So do it at your own risk (read disclaimer first before proceed!), i don't hold any responsibility for your action.

There are 2 possible way (so far) to install this graphic on win xp system. If you successfully install it please do share the information with us.


If method A didn't Work try method B, by he way i only tested method B with GT 520M. So for GT 540M I can't confirm it will work.


1. Download Drivers
Link: download (267.59)

For 64-bit you can search for nvidia 267.59 64-bit.

2. Download the mod INF : not available you must do it manually by reading the tutorial below. I apologize for the inconvenience.

3. Now copy the mod INF and replace the original inf in the extracted folder. Browse through 267.59 - Display.Driver - replace the mod inf.

4. Then run setup.


Download this Driver: 267.04 Driver.

1. Extract the driver folder. (i recommend to install winrar)

2. open device manager by click start and select run, type DEVMGMT.MSC and press ENTER.

3. Right click on  video controller  and select Properties.
Since my graphic already installed, so it is different from yours

4. Select Details and select hardware ID.

5. Copy the hardware ID (press CTRL + C to copy).

6. Open the driver folder we extracted, open the Display.Driver Folder and look for NVSM.INF and open it.
open the NVSM.inf with notepad

7. Look for the line show at he picture below. Then under it you will see the list of IDs.
After you find this line, look for the ID similar to your ID, this might be kinda PITA but worth it.Then look for the line like below.
Example your hardware ID is:
Going through the list you will found similar ID,

8. then  add one more line below it like the picture below. ADD new line below it like in the picture (and replace the RED line with your hardware ID).
See picture below how i add the line

9. save and run setup.
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