Compaq Presario CQ60 Windows 8 Driver

There are 2 types of compaq presario Cq60 series which are AMD (use Nvidia chipset) and Intel (use Intel Chipset). The drivers here is base on the laptop specification and after reviewing some CQ60 windows 8 installation.

Some of the drivers(i would say most of them) installed along windows 8 installation. In case you need the driver or it is not installed you can try with the driver i listed here.


WIndows 8 atomatically install the chipset driver, in AMD model which use nvidia chipset, the driver you need to install is the co processor driver. This driver need to be installed manually via device manager.

1. Download the drivers:
Nforce 15.35 WHQL
Download (32-bit)
Download (64-bit)

2. Open device manager by right click on the bottom left screen and select DEVICE MANAGER.
3. A device manager will open and you will see the co-processor listed under the Other device.
4. Right click on the coprocessor and select UPDATE DRIVER.
6. click BROWSE and point to the c:/Nvidia/nForce/32 bit. Note that the folder for 64-bit is c:/Nvidia/nForce/64 bit
7. Continue with on-screeen instruction untill installation finish and reboot.

All of the other drivers should be installed after windows update, if it didn't here is the compatible driver list for compaq presario CQ60.

Intel chipset installation Utility for Windows 8(for intel model only)

Intel model use 9200M G and AMD use 8200M G
Nvidia Geforce 8200M G and Nvidia Geforce 9200M G Graphic drivers
Download (32-bit)
Download (64-bit)

Some Intel model use the intel Graphic driver.
 Intel 4 series Graphic driver
Download link

Windows will install generic audio for conextant 221 audio. Do not attempt to update the audio drivers or you will have the risk the audio will not function properly. If you sound didn't work open device manager and look at the audio, if it mention conextant smart audio 221 but no sound, right click on it and select uninstall driver. right click again on it and select update driver. choose automatically search for drivers.

Realtek 2.0 USB Card reader Driver ver 1.30 (windows 8)

If you have problem with wireless driver do let me know because currently there are no issues yet for this model.

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