how do i update my laptop drivers

If you've got a laptop computer that's not spanking new, you'll have questioned a way to update its drivers in order that your hardware runs as with efficiency as attainable. whether or not you're reinstalling your OS, making an attempt to repair a retardant together with your laptop computer or {simply} simply making an attempt to create it work higher, there area unit 2 main ways that you'll move change its drivers

Start your portable computer and open Windows Update. To do this, click on the "Start" button, then "All Programs," then "Windows Update." If you're running Windows XP, a browser can launch and you'll be asked if you would like to run an exact ActiveX plugin, that you ought to do. If you're running Windows visual percept or Windows seven, a specialised Windows Update program can seem.

Proceed through any Windows real validation checks or Windows Update updates that ar needed, then opt for the choice to put in nonobligatory updates. Wait whereas Windows Update scans your portable computer and tries to seek out driver updates for your hardware.

Choose to read out there hardware drivers (if any ar found). If there's a driver out there for the hardware you were yearning for, opt for it by choosing the radio button or check box next to its name then click the install button close to the highest of the window. The update are downloaded and put in onto your portable computer. Once installation has completed, restart the portable computer if prompted.

Learn the laptop's manufacturer and model. samples of potential makers ar dicot genus, Alienware, Dell, HP, Sony or any of variety of pc makers. The model range is also written on top of the keyboard on the portable computer, beneath it on a sticker or maybe carved directly into the portable computer chassis. you'll conjointly determine the manufacturer and model info by right-clicking on "My Computer" within the software and clicking on the "Properties" button.

Go to the portable computer manufacturer's official web site and proceed to their "Drivers" or "Downloads" section. opt for the model that corresponds to your portable computer and examine all of the drivers and downloads that ar out there for the software that you simply have put in.

Download the motive force for the actual piece of hardware that's needed. put it aside to your portable computer then run the motive force installation file. Follow any directions that ar given and proceed through the installation method till it completes. Restart your portable computer if prompted.
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