Compaq Evo n610c Windows XP/7 Drivers

Obtaining Windows XP drivers is easy since it is available on the HP download site. So, I decided to remake the driver list for Windows XP by removing unwanted application and I added the instruction on how to upgrade it into Windows 7.

-Windows XP Drivers
-Windows 7 Drivers and Upgrade
-Product Specification

Windows XP Drivers
 Install accroding to the order given.

Intel Chipset Software installation Utility
Version 3.40 A

ADI Soundmax Audio Driver for Windows 2000/XP
Version, 19.6MB

ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 (32MB)
Version 8.143-050607a 020515C, 28MB

Synaptic Touchpad Driver
Version 7.12.2 Rev G3, 5.4MB

Compaq Easy Access Button Software
Version 3.00 Rev D, 4.9MB

(Choose one Base on your specification) - 1MB
Conexant 56K AClink Modem Driver : Download
Agere v.92 Modem Driver : Download

Support Software for Windows XP for Bluetooth MultiPort Module by Compaq (American, International)
Version 3.00B, 20.1MB

Compaq Wireless LAN multiport W200 Driver
Version, 7.8MB

Mobile Intel PRO/100 NIC Drivers
Version 3.02 Rev A, 4.7MB

Windows 7 Drivers and Upgrade
Basically this model does support Windows 7 with Intel Pentium 4 Processor and 1GB maximum RAM. By default this model only shipped with 256MB or 512MB of RAM, so you need to upgrade the RAM first before upgrade, if not you n610c won't be able to run Windows 7.

Now let's move to Windows 7 drivers, what drivers does it need? Normally Windows 7 will try to install the drivers for your hardware base on previous information provided by Windows XP (upgrade form xp to 7). However, if you make a clean windows 7 installation (reformat the drive before windows 7 installation) windows 7 will be unable to get enough information on your specific hardware. So, here is the simple rule to obtain all the driver you need for Windows 7:

1. If your audio, wireless and any other hardware works, it means the driver for those hardware already installed so you doesn't have to install the driver for it. Example, your heard sound when playing music, no need to install the audio driver.

2. Run Windows Automatic update and download and install any updates for your device driver.

3. If there are any driver missing (how to check- read here) - or you need it, just download form the list below:

Intel 845 chipset driver
Intel always provide Intel Chipset device Software (INF Update Utility) on thier website, just download and install it, it will detect and install your chipset driver: Download Link

ADI Soundmax Audio Driver
Since ADI use the AC97 audio architechture, which is similar with Realtek AC97 audio, so we just need to download the realtek AC97 from the realtek Website : Download form Realtek
We can also use windows XP driver for windows 7, we just need to tweak the installation file. You can read the tutorial here: Installing Audio in Windows 7

Ati Mobility Radeon 7500
Read Installation Instruction here :

We will install the wireless driver using the same method to install the graphic.
Download the windows xp driver.

1. Install the driver , ignore the error (we just want to extract the driver file to C:\swsetup\sp29156)
2. Open device manager, look for network marked with yellow, right click and select update driver.
3. Select browse my computer for driver software.
4. Select browse and point to C:\swsetup\sp29156\Driver\w2kxp
5. Continue with on screen instruction until installation finish.

Mobile Intel PRO/100 NIC Drivers
Automatically Installed in Windows 7.

That's all the driver you need for windows 7, if you still wnat to use the modem, install the modem windows xp driver using the same method to install wireless driver.

Main Hardware Specification:

Chipset  : Intel 845 Chipset (82845(MCH) : brookdale
Processor : Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor -M (1.6-2.4GHz) 512KB cache
RAM : PC2 1200 DDR SDRAM, Maximum - 1GB (512MBx2)
Hard Disk : 20GB to 60GB SMART HDD
Graphic : ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 4X AGP graphics Controller with 32MB DDR SDRAM
Display : 14.1 Inch Color TFT SXGA+
Resolution: 1400 x 1050 (16.7M Internal Color)
Audio : AC97
Modem : Type III mini PCI 56K
Ethernet : Intel 10/100
Others : USB 2.0, VGA and Infrared

Leave your comment if you have problems with the installation.
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